facebook-and-sign-photoWhile finishing college at the University of the Incarnate Word, I worked part time for Seligmann and Pyle Consulting Engineers for months but needed to find full time work.  A Professional Engineer strongly encouraged me to apply at Randolph AFB. Personnel hired me on the spot into contracting, which proved to be a most challenging and rewarding 33-year career. In addition, serving the community has been a heart-felt passion. I found raising money for scholarships for our future generation extremely satisfying.

Suddenly, my world turned upside down when we learned my mother had a paralyzing stroke and had been hiding a huge mass on her breast.  After she was released from rehab, I moved in to become her full time care giver for five years.  I am eternally grateful for our friends and family who visited her, helped us and taught me care giving and wound care.  This was something I had no education or experience with whatsoever.  In time, Mom started to improve somewhat.  After 8 months I felt led to attend the homes association meeting.  On the spot they recruited me as a member of the board which meets monthly.

After 3 years they elected me President, and I served an additional 4 years.  I am very grateful to Richard Taylor, my predecessor, who introduced me early on to the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance, a first-class network of neighborhood leaders.  The Northeast Corridor Revitalization Committee is doing a great job renewing major arteries of District 10.  I very much enjoyed working with the businesses along the Corridor for cleanup projects.  Councilman Mike Gallagher, who I have long supported, honored me by appointing me the District 10 Zoning Commissioner.

Deliberating with the other Commissioners on some difficult cases has been an amazing education about some of the inner workings of our city.  After several years of community leaders in District urging me to run for office, I am willing to serve District 10 in a greater capacity than ever before.

A strong team has partnered with me and since December we have blockwalked approximately 1,000 homes in District 10 of voters who always vote in City elections to learn what issues are most important to them.  This forms the basis of my platform.  We are finding very positive response to our campaign and momentum is building!